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2016 seems like one of the most complete “persona” casino-oriented websites on the web. Launched and still ran by Luke Holmes, who turned as a casino enthusiast some years ago, it provides an accurate bulk of information about best casinos, not only in his native United Kingdom, but in a vast number of other countries. The name of the website is about roulette, but in your first visit you’ll realize that there’s lot of details about general casino markets.

If the site is updated

As mentioned before, started as an information source about online casinos in the UK. This is the default page of the site, but not the only one. There are two sections in the main menu concerning roulettes, of which the “Best Roulette Sites” is further divided in two sections. The first is providing information about new roulette sites, software, mobile and online roulette for real money and the second is about bonuses and offers. The “Live Roulette” section is providing a list with the best online casinos with a live roulette dealer.

There are also two other sections in main menu, “Gambling Sites” and “Best Casino Sites”. In these the lists are provided with a more general view about gambling, not only focused on roulette. But the websites, even their ranking order, are almost the same as before.

In every page you can find a list with the 10 best casinos and a bunch of useful information about how to choose a roulette site, concerning all basic aspects: Security and Reputation, Roulette Games Selections, Mobile Compatibility, Live Dealer Tables, Bonuses and Promotions, Payment Methods, Software Platform.

Downwards you can find a full list of casinos reviewed in every country, a selected feedback by visitors, a series of “how to play” guide focusing on the rules and differences between the games variations, and a lot of other lists about software providers, mobile casinos, live dealer sites and security.

The most impressive aspect of this site is that provides information about roulette sites in 58 (!) different countries. This makes one of the most complete sites in this section. There are almost all regulated European countries, as long as Asian and even African countries (mostly English-speaking).

Special offers is not dedicated especially to bonuses and free bets, but acknowledges that these are basic info for everyone seeking information about casino websites. This is why a whole sub-section of main menu “Offers for all players” is dedicated to bonuses and offers. You can find information about roulette Bonus, High and Low stakes Roulette and minimum deposit casinos. 

If the user experience is good

Before the first visit I already knew that this is a one-person website, so the expectations were low. I was completely contradicted, as you can find out for yourselves too. There’s a professional-like website with lots of information and a nice structure. It’s really impressive that all this work has been done by one person only over the years. The updates are frequent, so the website running procedure is also complete.

If it’s modern

Well, you cannot say that this is modern or old-fashioned. The structure is clear, to gather all basic information into the first page and guide visitors along if they need something more specific or detailed. Since it’s launched just some years ago there’s no need for innovation yet.

If it’s social media friendly

Actually, there are two accounts, one on Twitter and the other at Youtube, but they are not active, having a minimum number of subscribers and followers. They don’t seem to expect attracting audience by this.

If banner positions are good

Apart from the betting lists and the reviews, has no advertising banners. This adds to the website’s credibility, though, as all websites are presented through ranking and are reviewed for their pros and cons. 

Final Score (4,5) ♠♠♠♠

This is a role-model website for a personal business. Luke has done an impressive job by himself. As he described in “About me” section, the first motive was to answer his personal questions about roulettes and gambling in general, but the knowledge-sharing is more than enough to classify in top category.

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