Exclusive interview with Betinvest’s COO Max Dubossarsky: “Betinvest is expanding in eSports and VR technology”

Betinvest is an international gaming software provider with two decades of industry experience. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Betinvest’s clients span four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The company offers a single entry point into the gaming industry: retail and mobile solutions enable clients to achieve maximum market penetration and every product is customizable to meet the needs of the target region.

With over 20 years’ experience, 350 traders, 260 IT specialists, 140 risk managers and 100 customer service managers, Betinvest is well equipped to provide fast, safe operations and reliable in-house products with flexible third-party integration. Gamblerspost sat with Betinvest’s COO Max Dubossarsky and discussed the company’s progress and their vision for the future. 

–   How has this Covid19 pandemic affected your business plans?

Max: For the few last months, the sports industry has been facing an unprecedented situation: the cancellation of practically all sports events, from national competitions to international tournaments. This has taken a real toll on sports events organisers, the athletes themselves and the fans. 

But of course, the sports betting industry has also suffered, since bets on traditional sports is one of its main offers. As a provider of sports betting solutions, we therefore need to keep an eye out for other options, and offer operators and their players solutions that can be adapted for current demands. We have developed a product range for both offline and online business, and we were focusing on online gambling well ahead of the digital gambling boom. 

So today, we offer not only relevant and easily customisable products, but ones that are also time-tested and up to date, and that successfully expand the betting business for dozens of our clients around the world. Our digital products include an Online Platform, Sportsbook as a Service, eSports Solutions, Online Slot Games with in-built VR option, eGames, Virtual Games, and more. 

–  Are you using this period to focus on something else? Could you share your plans to face this challenge?

Max: The current situation has pushed us to develop and expand the number of disciplines, matches and markets that we previously had on offer and that were proving popular. For example, we started a new phase of development for our eGames: we offer a multi-purpose product that includes eFootball, eBasketball, eTennis, eHockey, and even Mortal Kombat and World of Tanks. 

Up to 13,000 events are available per month, with approximately 400 matches per day and an overall average of 67 markets to place bets on. Teams of skilled gamers play FIFA 2020, NBA 2k20, Tennis World Tour, NHL20, Mortal Kombat and World of Tanks matches 24/7. We provide pre-match and live odds, statistics for all events, full streaming on Twitch or client platforms and records of games saved on our YouTube Channel. 

All this is available to ensure that sports fans can support the digital version of their favourite teams or athletes without leaving their home, and to give them all the same excitement when selected, qualified players control the teams in real time on their consoles. In addition, operators receive self-adjusting margins, fast data delivery, reliable data feeds and all the technical support they require.

In response to the current challenges, we are expanding our esports offer: thanks to our eSportsbook, operators can offer their players the chance to bet on the most popular games (Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and so on). Users have access to over 1,000 live events and up to 3,000 pre-match events every month, a unique selection of 20 markets, events every 15 minutes and 24/7 match broadcasts. 

Our solution helps our clients to retain their existing customers and attract new younger audiences, enables customers to place a wide variety of bets on esports and opens up new marketing channels. 

In addition, we provide an ever-expanding range of bets on virtual sports. In terms of third-party product integration, we are offering operators the opportunity to expand their product range into avenues such as tennis, basketball, football, horse racing, table tennis, speedway, cycling, greyhound racing and more. 

At a time when sports fixtures are slowly returning, we can provide people with an alternative way to make their leisure time more enjoyable. By having a wide product range, our clients will expand the user experience for their loyal customers with diverse gaming solutions that also enable them to attract new players.

– What do you feel has been changing during this past couple of years in the iGaming market? 

Max: All of our products and solutions have been and still are created in response to requests from players and key trends in the gaming industry, and we are passionately dedicated to developing immersive and easily customisable ventures.

Several years ago, we at Betinvest saw an increased interest in esports which rapidly gathered momentum in Asia and the USA, and two years ago we introduced our eSportsbook product range. We assembled a specialist team comprised of former professional players who know the industry inside out and offer attractive odds and markets for all the current esports events. 

This is now one of the most popular types of betting in the world, and so our clients can expand their betting business with a highly profitable product, and make players of younger generations (millennials and generation Z).   

At the time that the first products were emerging that incorporated 2D, 3D, VR and AR technology, we were seeing their rapid development and coming up with our own solutions. With the help of our Games Development department, our Online Slot Games came onto the market with an in-built VR option and were presented for the first time at ICE London 2020. 

We have created a high-tech product with a wide range of immersive features which can help operators to offer their players the full experience of a casino from anywhere in the world. To start enjoying the games, players just need to visit the website and press the VR button in supported games. No additional software is required – they simply open the browser and start playing. All recent mobile phones and VR headsets are supported out of the box so customers can start playing as quickly and easily as possible. 

–  What are your plans for 2020 and beyond?

Max: It’s difficult to make any predictions at all given the current and ever-changing circumstances. When the new year began, we couldn’t have imagined all this happening. The global upheaval caused by coronavirus and the resources, both financial and human, that will be needed to mitigate it are of course a cause for huge concern. Nevertheless, these events are bringing out the best in us, demonstrating our resilience, creativity and willingness to find new solutions. 

Traditional sports are slowly reviving, so sports betting is experiencing a rebirth. As before, we continue to expand our offer according to the current demands of the industry and remain committed to actively building a presence for ourselves in the emerging markets that we studied throughout 2019. Despite all the events of recent months, we believe that all our plans will come to fruition.

– In your… crystal magic ball, what future do you see for the gambling industry?

Max: The reality in which we live, with its technical capabilities and potential for growth, can become even more immersive and incredible. If you look at cinemas, or take for example some of the world’s major brands, there is evidence of both fantasy and reality: from digitised characters and virtual ratings based on public approval, to educational simulators and holograms of animals in zoos.

For the gambling industry, it is quite possible that the range of capabilities will be expanded with the help of virtual reality – for example, tactile sensations and touch may become available to players during the game. Perhaps, traditional sports will become popular in VR, with betting available on the results – for example, boxing or tennis. Or traditional sports might be played by holograms rather than well-known players themselves, and betting markets would be available for these matches. To repeat: much can be achievable with modern technology and creative thinking. 

Nevertheless, it seems to us that traditional sports and sports betting will flourish, as nostalgia exists in all industries and history itself is cyclical. Regardless of what innovations will appear, we will always return to the start – to what we are used to and what we have tried and tested. There will therefore always be a demand for time-tested solutions that remain relevant.

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