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Vietnam police busts another online betting ring

Police of Vietnam’s northern Thanh Hoa province have cracked down an online gambling ring with transactions totalling nearly 4,000 billion Vietnamese dongs (€153 million). Nine local people were arrested but gang’s leader, Tran Quang Truong, has gone into hiding and the police are looking for him.

According to the authorities, the gambling ring had set up a system of agencies through which their clients could buy virtual money to play online card games. They could convert the virtual money back into cash whenever they wanted. The clients could make their transactions either directly at the agencies or through banks.

Local police have frozen over 6 billion Vietnamese dongs (€229k) in various bank accounts used for gambling.

Currently, all forms of gambling, including those on sports, except in government-licensed casinos located in the southern Phu Quoc Island, are illegal in Vietnam. According to the country’s Penal Code, gamblers who place a bet of 2 million Vietnamese dongs (€76 euro) or more, and bookmakers whose ring involves at least 10 people will be indicted for criminal offences.

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