Interview with Vladimir Kobets, Creative Director of Digital Choo (DC)

Digital Choo recently launched its new epic show for PariMatch. What is the strategy behind this step and the main idea?

Vladimir: This February we released Parimatch’s rebranding – a communication platform “Fired up to win”. It presented the new nature of the brand: bold, passionate, daring. The current campaign “DARING TO BE EPIC” continues to demonstrate this character and scales it up to a new really epic level. The big idea stayed the same, but taken from a new, unexpected, somewhat shocking angle, it sounds and looks anew, and helps us reach the TA even more efficiently. 

— Where do the influencers stand in the scheme of creating epic show for PariMatch? 

Vladimir: Conor McGregor is our main ‘influencer’, Parimatch’s brand ambassador, and a protagonist of the new epic video. So I’d say the influencer’s role is pretty primary [laughs]. 

To be serious, though, we aimed to match a protagonist with the image of our target audience’s typical representative: passionate, strong, daring. Those are the qualities that also characterize the Parimatch brand. And Conor is a perfect embodiment of those qualities – to the extent where the first thing you see and comprehend is the image, not the famous person that represents it. 

— What are the digital tools and wow effects you use at this show?

Vladimir: High-quality CGI was used to create wild animals in the video: a gorilla, crocodiles, flamingos. They are a very important piece of a visual idea, so it was crucial to make them look realistic. We carefully chose a team that had met our requirements for this task, and are happy to say that this choice was right. 

As always, a lot of attention was put into gathering all pieces together. The music, the colors in every scene – every detail matters. It’s about perfect bits that make up the WOW effect at the epic big picture. The best indication of our success is a great reaction to the video in social networks and media.  

— How comfortable is working with McGregor? 

Vladimir: He is a very enthusiastic and talented guy, that’s for sure! He engaged deeply in the shooting process, liked the images, quickly entered the roles. It’s a great indicator that all our ideas for the video matched the nature of the brand and Conor as its ambassador. He’s bold, stubborn in pursuing his goals, daring – just like our audience. And it’s not the acting – he’s very true. It makes working with him very easy and inspiring. 

— How did you get the idea to color McGregor as a Joker?

Vladimir: Our goal was to communicate the brand’s nature from the most unexpected angles while preserving the key – its bold sincerity. We deliberately shifted from somewhat traditional for betting images of sportsmen and focused on the unconventional, sharp, weird visuals. Joker is one of those. The image demonstrates the brand’s power to be true despite anything else. Btw, Mcgregor liked the idea and this particular image very much, it was his favorite on set. 

— What are the major marketing trends you foresee on the road to 2020?

Vladimir: First, the fusion of creativity and tech will rock the market. It’s already started: the most challenging and most awarded solutions are those where you think of a smart way to use complicated technology. For example, “No need to fly” campaign for the German Rail, in which the artificial intelligence compared world’s places of interest, looked for the similar ones in Germany, and gave people cheaper options for vacation. 

Second, a strong social accent in advertising. Now it is not enough to produce or offer something; brands have to think about how their goods or services are shaping the lives of people and the world we live in. The businesses that connect what they do with what matters, will succeed. Others… Well, here’s an early warning to hop on a leaving train.

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