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Gambling has been around for centuries and later, Casinos are introduced. Casinos are enjoyed by millions for many years until they reached the present computer age where high-end technology is the trend.

Online casino is the virtual version of land-based casino using their gadgets such as laptops, personal computers, and smartphones. At first, players were hesitant to gamble online since there were a lot of internet issues such as fraud, cyber thieves, spam, and many others. Nowadays, online gambling operators took this matter very seriously and they see to it that their clients should be well protected from these concerns in that way, wagers can play with ease. Conservative bettors opt to play in the traditional brick-and-mortar casino. They play for socialization as well as the thrill of waging.

The dawn of technology brought innovation to communication and lifestyle. The computer age made people’s lives more fast-paced as well as convenient. Everything is just in one snap of a finger or mere press of the button. People’s attitudes have changed and no one wants to slow down. Technology and internet innovation changed the world and that includes gambling.

People are now becoming more and more adept at waging especially the yuppies and the working millennials. Casino bettors also start to realize the beauty of playing online since they experienced the convenience of betting at their convenience and comfort. Imagine this, you’re having a small barbeque dinner with your family at home while playing an online casino game in your comfortable weekend wear. Saves gas, time, and effort of dressing up and driving. Smart and practical, isn’t it?

Playing casino online is indeed very smart, and choosing a smart online casino isn’t very hard as long as you’re on the right site. Game enthusiasts will never go wrong to find the best here, AllBonusCodes chose only casino sites that offer the best graphics, attractive bonuses, superb games selections, and many more. Customer service is friendly and helpful. Casinologo sees to it that the clients can have fun with peace of mind so, they see to it that legalities are observed and should be malware-free.

Kinds of Online Casinos

•      Web-based Casino

This type of casino is also known as Flash or No download casino because this website doesn’t need downloading software to the players’ gadget. Its games are made up of browser plugins such Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java and just needs updated browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera mini. A stable internet connection is also required to play this game. Most people who travel a lot or whose schedule is very hectic prefer this type of online game because of its convenience and hassle-free. The catch here is since it is a web-based casino, the graphics are basic and offer limited games.

•     Download-based Casino

The majority of traditional online casino gamblers prefer this because its audio and graphics are cached by the software client, rather than having to be loaded from the Internet so, it has good quality and runs faster. It also has a wide array of games to choose from. There is a risk of malware though. Clients should coordinate with the customer service about this matter so your software won’t be invaded by malevolent programs.

Two Types of Casino Games

  •  Virtual

This is a software-type of casino game and the outcome of the game being played by the bettor is being determined by pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software. PRNGs use a set of mathematical instructions known as an algorithm to generate a long stream of numbers so that players will be given a fair idea that it is of true randomness. So if a player throws a dice or makes a spin at the slot, PRNG makes sure that it is fair and unpredictable.

  •  Live Dealer

This type mimics the land-based casino and is set live streamed direct real-time from a real land-based casino or s studio created for an online casino. It has a chat feature that enables the players to type their message to the dealer and they can respond verbally. Live games can be done using smart television or smartphone.

Typical Online Gambling Games



            Sic Bo



            Slot machines




Casino Bonus and Promos

Casino rewards are considered as one of the “creams of the crop” in online gambling. A casino bonus is a prize given to the client for signing up to the site, loyalty, referral, or for bettors who reached a certain level in a gambling site. This is done as a sort of marketing strategy of the casino site to entice the client to make a deposit or for them to stay longer. It is considered a “win-win” situation because both the operator and the client will benefit from it.

Types of Bonuses and Promos

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  • Welcome Bonuses

This type of bonus is offered by most online casinos as a welcome to the newly signed up players and is usually takes the form of additional funds to play with for free.

  • Reload Bonus

These are bonuses given to players who have been with the gambling site for quite some time. Refers to as loyalty bonus, this bonus has a lower rate and is only given once the player decides to renew or to load more money to the site.

  • Referral Bonus

This type of Bonus is for you to refer a friend to sign up or create an account in the online casino that you’re connected to. Once you convince a friend and be a part of the online casino that you’re into, they will offer you a referral bonus as long as you and your friend meet the requirements.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus seemed popular because a player can get a free play of the game so it doesn’t require a deposit. Once the prospective client liked it, then they might sign up. Again, this is a way of convincing the player to make a deposit.

  • High Roller Bonuses

Big-time players who like to place big-time bets and make regular huge deposits get big bonuses from the gambling site. Usually, they receive higher bonus rewards which they can enjoy and at times get prizes like travels and gadgets.

  • Game-Specific Bonus

Casino online companies encourage their loyal players to try out another game and because of this, they’re generous enough to offer the player extra play money, free spins, and of course on the wagers’ end, they not only enjoy the benefits that they can get from the site, they also get a chance to broaden their skill in other games in the online casino.

  • Other Bonuses

There are a lot more bonuses that casinos offer but these above-mentioned the regular bonuses that players usually enjoy.

Overall, playing online gambling is fun and entertaining. It is not just gambling, it is the adrenaline rush that each player experiences whenever they play the game

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