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Vytautas Kacerauskas: «We got a big interest in Africa».

Head of Business Development of Betgames.TV, Vytautas Kacerauskas, talks in exclusive interview Gamblers Post about its history, creating new games and sharing plans for future.    

– Betgames.TV combine traditional live betting with popular lotteries and table games. What do you think makes your company’s products attractive to customers? How does it differ from what other developers offer?

– When we started (in 2012) it was totally new concept. We offered a bit different angle using well-known games. Players in different countries felt in love immediately and sent their benevolent feedback. There is a wide range of odds. Conservative players might choose very low-risk options (odds starting at 1.01) and jackpot lovers could find their outcomes (there are sky-rocketing odds of value 2000). And all our games are live! They are always conducted by charming presenters.

Our games are like fresh air gust. We strongly believe they were accepted so well because could be offered as “a main course” or a supplement. Depending on the market, website design or land-based betting shop size. We are young company and still have many possibilities to learn quickly from the customer feedback what leads into a flexibility which transforms into meeting requirements.

You constantly create new games. What games are you proud of and what new products should we expect?

– We’re proud of all 9 games in our portfolio. Different markets have various needs, so we need the distinction. Our first game “Lucky 7” has the biggest spread and naturally plays a key role. But number one for most of the markets is “Bet on Poker” which proves that well-known card game is on a hype in many countries.

Personally, I am very proud of “War of Bets” which I offered to add into our portfolio a few years ago. Higher card wins! It is so simple and popular at the same time. Crazy! All our games were created based on inspiration of quote by Leonardo da Vinci „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“. After a success of “Wheel of Fortune” we were looking for another easily understandable game. And we found it. Now I am joking that only coin-flipping left!

But seriously … getting back to the question what to expect – something fresh! That’s all! (laughing)

I could tell what we won’t have. In the exhibitions we’re getting questions if we will have a traditional roulette. Constantly in a polite manner we’re giving the negative answer. After the last brainstorm internally, we have several directions. And a roulette isn’t there. The final order of new releases depends on the circumstances. But some of the novelties getting into our portfolio would be a real craziness!

Betgames.tv is an international company and represented in various countries of the world. Tell about it! And what markets are you going to conquer?

– Our studios and headquarters are in Vilnius, Lithuania. We have representatives in CIS, Spain, South Africa & Nigeria. The internet made many companies international in a blink of an eye. Our case is not an exception. Having partners in tens of countries let us provide services to thousands players around the globe.

At the end of last year we started to work with Italian partners. Still trying to fit the fashion in their way and hoping to make our games famous there in the nearest future. We are keen to offer services in Romania and Bulgaria. Of course we‘re looking to Latin America as big potential market.

Sweden is interesting as well. Looking forward to understand better the new legal framework and possibilities to offer our games there.

Regarding other markets, we got a big interest in Africa. Several years ago our start without real understanding what Republic of South Africa could bring – was a great success, so we‘re looking to make more footprints in this region.

Which solution do you have for countries with limited internet connection?

– We are working closely with current and potential partners to understand their needs, to fit specific capabilities and meet any requirements. As I mentioned our footprints in Africa, we totally understand the issue of limited internet connection. For online there is a graphic solution, for land-based betting shops we have a satellite solution in sub-Saharan region.

What upcoming events is the company focusing on nowadays and how prepared for these events?

– Our Sales Team‘s members just came back from iGB Live (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and Sports Betting West Africa (Lagos, Nigeria) where we have been exhibiting with stands to show current portfolio & demonstrate a land-based betting shop solution. The next trip will be to London, to „Betting on Sports“ event at Olympia in September. After it we have SiGMA (Malta) on our calendar. There we will be with a stand as well and might bring some nice surprises. A preparation for the events with a stand is always a challenge. Of course a lot of depends on the location. But we are trying something new often, so I could get involved into adventures without leaving the office. (laughing)

Preparation for ICE takes a lot of time because it‘s most important event for us, and we are having a team of 20 going there. When 3 days of ICE is done, you start to prepare for the next year. At least with the hotel rooms booking. Then in September we start the stand projection (as we do new design every year) and related paperwork.

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