GVC donates football sponsorships to GambleAware

Ahead of the upcoming football season, GVC Holdings has confirmed that it will be donating a number of its current sponsorship deals to GambleAware’s ‘Bet Regret’ campaign.

The move will apply to sponsorship deals across England and Scotland, including GVC-owned Ladbrokes’ title sponsorship deal with the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL). In the case of the SPFL agreement, Ladbrokes will replace its logo on static interview backgrounds and LED boards with ‘Bet Regret’ branding.

In total, 42 clubs will be donating their sponsorship assets to GambleAware, including Sunderland, West Bromwich Albion, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United.

The company’s decision is yet another recent move done by UK’s bookmaker in attempt to limit the exposure of gambling brands in football and also trying to encourage fans to moderate betting behaviour.

“Whilst we want football fans to be able to enjoy a bet, we recognise the importance of doing this in a safe, responsible way,” explained GVC’s director of safe gambling, Patrick Kerr.

The ‘Bet Regret’ initiative has been launched in February 2019 and aims to raise awareness of impulsive betting, while also encouraging moderation and reduce gambling-related harm across the UK. The campaign targets an estimated 2.4m young men aged 16-34 who bet regularly on sport, and of whom 87 per cent regularly watch football.

In May, GambleAware has also urged UK operators to offer further financial support to combat various gambling issues after it was revealed that industry funding failed to meet its 2018-19 target of  the £10m.

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