Interview with Jaume Lopez, CEO at Epicorns

Jaume, thank you for your time and first of all, please tell our readers a bit about Epicorns.

Jaume: Thank you too for taking the time to interview us. Epicorns is an online marketing company based in Andorra, a small country within the Pyrenees mountains. 

About 3-4 years ago we started building our own SEO websites focusing in lead generation and recently we launched our new SEO consulting branch, specialized in WPO (Website Performance Optimization) and Litespeed servers.

– How many sites are you running and in what languages?

Jaume: We are running around 100 sites at the moment, and the languages are English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese and last but not least, Finnish, in which we can find one of our very first sites:

– How do you start working with a new casino and what do you look out for?

Jaume: In order to start working with a new casino, first we find out who are the people behind the operator, so we can identify if they’re white label, and to make sure they have enough budget for us to feel safe promoting their services (meaning they will not shut down anytime soon), also if they have extensive knowledge and experience within the iGaming industry and so on. 

– What is your relationship with operators, and which is the most popular cooperation model (% CPA, flat fee, hybrid)?

Jaume: We work mostly with CPA models, deals which are of course approved by, and also worth for the operators. I strongly believe that CPA or flat fee is the best model for us to work with, since we are traffic providers, which is what we sell. 

We shouldn’t be responsible if the player wins or if the casino CRM works. We shouldn’t either focus on if offers, bonuses, software providers, payment methods and so are good for players.

While we are focusing our efforts and investing both our time and resources on acquiring traffic for the operators, we shouldn’t be depending on a commission, like revenue share that we cannot affect or have any influence on. 

– The igaming affiliate area, that Epicorns is active, is a very competitive one. What is the difference between your company and your competitors which will convince potential igaming operators to choose you? What are the new things can Epicorns provide in order to bring the desired result to operators?

Jaume: One of our unique selling points, is that we put all the effort into ranking for “money keywords” in which we are certain that the player quality is very high. The players are actually coming to play for real, not to get just a few free spins, no deposit bonus or other offers. 

That’s why, our average customer might be of a higher value than players from other affiliates. 

Operators who work with us, know for sure we try to achieve the highest value per player possible. We push promos, we are committed on sending traffic to their top performing product or the most specific ones. 

– What was your company’s biggest achievement during last couple years?

Jaume: Personally, I think our biggest achievement is to have reached the number of employees we have now. 20 people in total, all of us working remotely. We only have a small office in Andorra where me and my partner work, with a couple of extra desks in case some employees come visit us.

– What do you believe is the future of online gambling and advertising? And how well is the Epicorns prepared for whatever the future brings?

Jaume: I would say that we are well prepared because we have a big portfolio of sites in different sectors and different countries. If new regulations are approved or they ban any advertisement, the people will still continue using search engines to find what they are looking for.

– What are Epicorns’s future plans?

Jaume: We have a lot of ongoing projects which we can’t mention yet, some within the iGaming industry and some others in different niches. Some of the most recently launched and new sites which we can mention at the moment are casinoonlineespañ which is a casino affiliate site in Spain and then which is a betting affiliate site, as well in Spain.

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