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Partypoker confirms 94 bot accounts closures

Partypoker has published the second update in what it promises will be a series of monthly updates regarding “bot” (automated-playing) accounts playing on party sites. In April, Partypoker closed 94, with 39 based in the dot-com player field, and 55 operating in the dot.eu ring-fenced market of France & Spain for a total amount of roughly €163k.

39 bot accounts, which were shuttered on the dot-com site, accounted for a total of $143,908.10 (€129k) in seized funds. In the dot.eu ring-fenced market of France & Spain, sites were higher in number (55), but lower in money accounted (€34,546.17).

38.5% (15) of the dotcom 39 account closures and 9.1% (5) of the 55 France/Spain bots were shut down after player complaints. PartyPoker website encourages players to continue reporting all suspicious activity at its tables, by emailing reports@partypoker.com. PartyPoker promises to investigate all incidents reported.

In the first update published in April, PartyPoker announced that the company had seized 277 bot accounts over a four-month period starting December 2018 through March 2019. The total amount of seized and redistributed funds back to affected players was roughly €660k.

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