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Raptors, the NBA Captors!

Rik Pitino was right in his predictions and the Toronto Raptors are the new NBA Champions. One huge sport event has ended but you cannot escape from sports. Women’s World Cup is ongoing and late tonight (for us Europeans) Copa America starts in Brazil with the host team playing against …

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The Eurofighters on a bumpy road

Portugal’s success in the inaugural Nations League means that Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. has won back-to-back UEFA tournaments, following on from their surprise Euro 2016 triumph in France, when they beat the host nation in the final. Also the Euro2016 winners sealed their ticket for the next competition targeting their …

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Rafa Nadal Court

In 1968, during the summer Olympics in Mexico City an American high jump athlete, Dick Fosbury, introduced a new style of jumping, which journalists named after him: The Fosbury Flop and the high jump was changed forever. Moving to tennis, even if Rafael Nadal didn’t bring something new to the …

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VAR is a “license to kill”

A lot of people say that football is a game of mistakes. This means that everybody can make mistakes, including the referee! If football fans cannot accept this, it is mostly their problem and, perhaps, they should start watching sports with minor refereeing like snooker, or chess. Of course there …

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Old and new school slots

NetEnt, continuing the tradition of branded slots, released just a few days ago a game based on the successful TV series “Narcos”. I always wondering if branded slots help to acquire and retain players or it is just a trick of the games provider in order to give the opportunity …

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Game of Disappointment

The last 15 years I have watched and followed several TV series starting from LOST (which in my opinion was the best series ever made) and then moving on to Breaking Bad, Westworld and now Game of Thrones. So, after eight years, the series which millions of people watched, the …

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In all the years I have been following the poker networks (and between you and me, they are more than I would like to confess!) I believe that I have never seen a more consistent platform than 888poker. They are always there to surprise me with a wide array of …

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Good Bye Niki

Today is a sad day. Niki Lauda, the Austrian Formula 1 legend, has died at 70 years of age. I was, personally, a big fan of Niki Lauda, because, believe it or not, as a child, I liked the sound of his name, it sounded so good to my ear. …

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